KS3 Science

The aim of the Key Stage 3 curriculum is to continue the ‘hands on’ fun and enquiring approach to Science that is encouraged at key stage 2, while improving practical skills and teaching Scientific concepts.  The range of topics chosen includes all areas of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 3. Practical work and demonstrations are used wherever possible and appropriate so there is lots of opportunity for Sc 1 assessment.  Assessment is integrated into the topics, as discussions led by the teacher and marking of written work, as well as end of topic tests and baseline tests.

The course is designed to allow maximum flexibility with the Key Stage 2 curriculum, so that topics can be mixed and matched as appropriate.  The structure of the course allows time for extended topic work on a particular module to develop cross curricular links, for example with the farm, or to fit in with whole school initiatives such as ‘cultural awareness days’.  Some topics may take up to a half term, with lots of practical and investigation work, while others are shorter.

The course spans year 7, year 8 and year 9.  If the course is finished early then BTEC science or GCSE combined science will be started to allow the students to achieve a qualification.